Anne Cover – Executive Officer, Australian Cattle Veterinarians

Our organisation has worked with Kerrie and her company Destination Conferences & Incentives (DCI) since 2008. The trust that I place in DCI increases year on year, as does the level of involvement with DCI in our events. Initially DCI managed the accommodation and venue finding on our behalf. The relationship has progressed to the stage where DCI will provide services for the international congress, which our organisation has been successful in securing for 2014.

Mike Harvey – Manager, Runaway Bay Marina (Chair, Marinas Conference)

I have always found Kerrie an absolute pleasure to work with; her professionalism is second to none and she is always prepared to “go the extra mile” to ensure the success of our events. In short I cannot recommend Kerrie (or DCI) highly enough.

Barb Adamson – Executive Director, Sports Council of Alberta

The team at Destination Conference & Incentive are the ones you want to have by your side in the trenches at a conference.  They are the experts!  Even though we are a continent away (in Canada) they were able to equip us with everything we needed for a successful International Co-hosted conference.  The professionalism and teamwork that DCI exude is top notch and I will definitely be utilizing their expertise again for our next event. If you want a team of professionals with drive, determination, excellent communication, and passion for your conference Destination Conference & Incentive is the company for you.

Nelson Mathews – President, Meals Victoria Incorporated     

Kerrie Wise and her team at Destination Conference and Incentive rose to the occasion and exceeded my expectations. What developed was a solid and enjoyable working relationship. They knew I wanted them to run everything by me, and they did. Their attention to detail manifested itself in the final weeks in the form of the most precise and detailed running sheet I’ve ever seen.

Organising conferences requires great skill, and this was the biggest I’d ever been involved in. Their advice, whether it was about lighting, sound systems, brochures, satchels, information packs for speakers, accommodation, catering, fees and booking arrangements, was all spot on.

It’s fair to say that our delegates were as diverse a group as you could imagine, from senior managers to grass-roots rural volunteers. Handling the booking side of things, well, let’s just say I’m glad they had to do it.

The event organisation during the conference including the registration and the catering was seamless.  Suffice to say the conference was a great success and that is due in no small part to the dedication, professionalism, and most importantly, the care shown by the team at Destination Conference and Incentive.

Les MacDonald – CEO, NSW Meals on Wheels Association

For all those who made such an amazing contribution to such a successful conference, I wish to say bloody well done!! The organisation was first rate, the speakers and sessions were highly successful and the events surrounding it went without a hitch. For all those who put in the hard graft I am eternally grateful.

Beth Anderson – General Manager, NQ Exhibitions

“Destination Conference & Incentive are a dedicate team of experienced individuals who were a pleasure to work with on the 28th World Buiatrics Congress at the Cairns Convention Centre in July of 2014. In 37 years of business we have had the pleasue of working with many conference organisers and their staff. Destination Conference & Incentive stand out for their personal care and dedication to their association clients and their willingness to collaborate with venues and suppliers to deliver memorable events and conferences. This is an organisation who understand what it means to “listen to their client and suppliers”, and they exhibited this time and again throughout the World Congress. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them on future projects”